Monday, October 31, 2005

Does terrorism "Dampen" our Spirit ?

Some of my Reader's would not know about Deepavali ! The festival of lights in India.This Hindu festival, has grown more into a Indian festival..and I am glad that it is that way.I celebrate Ramadan..and Christmas so why not all of us celebrate Deepavali ?

In terms of magnitude , its like Christmas in the US of A.People look forward to it each year and make plans around it.There's lots of and my favourite part "Fireworks".

At such a fun filled times of the year came the news of serial bomb blasts in New Delhi...India's capital.59 people died..more than 200 injured. The bomb blasts occurred in a crowded marketplace in New Delhi. Well , an unknown terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the act. Their stance being "The world thought all of are dead ..after the earthquake in PoK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)...We did this to prove them wrong".

My stance is more like this. I think the earthquake proved to be a natural stimulant to better Indo-Pak relations. and the anti-social elements just could not see that happen without a blemish such as this. After this incident, we go back to playing the blame game.Our external affairs ministry blames , Govt sponsored terrorism of Pakistan. Though sometimes, I do feel Pakistan might have indulged in sponsoring terrorism, I dont think its them who did it this time. They have bigger issues to tackle on hand.

Well leaving the politics out of this, I jus think of the repercussions of such a heinous act would be devastating to the human spirit. I cannot fathom the loss of human lives and the effect it has on their families. The festive season has suddenly turned into a nightmare for those kids who lost their parents.

The Indian Government has to toughen pro-active to weed out these terror cells within the country. I am sure no-terrorist bought a round trip ticket to come to India and bomb New Delhi. These demons are at home ..and we need to take'em out !

All this leads to my title, do these bomb blasts dampen our spirit ? Do we move on ? or should we ? Natural disasters are a different animal...we have NO choice but to move on. Its not like we could have done anything to avoid "Katrina" or the "Tsunami" ..sure we could have been better prepared. but we really cannot prepare for something thats not under our control coz of the unknowns. I even cracked up for a moment. hearing this..

Conversation between a two guys in New Orleans b4 Katrina Strikes:

Guy1: Dude..arent you evacuating...the hurricane is going to hit tomorrow?

Guy2: No...Im staying home...

Guy 1: What makes you think you would survive this ??

Guy 2: GOD..will take care of me !!


Unlike..this situation..God is not making people to kill other least in my book..

If its different in your book...I think you need a new book !

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Professional Basketball - The NBA

Off all the American Sports , Professional Basketball a.ka NBA is my favourite.This fascination started not after I moved to the US but even when I was in India.It was 1996 and ESPN&STAR Sports , I guess were scrambling for programming , so they regularly showed NBA games.

It was easy to become a fan of the NBA in 1996.The reason would be two words..Michael Jordan.The greatest player ever to have ever played basketball ! I could go on and on about him but no matter what I say , it would not do justice to Jumpman23.

After being a BULLS fan for obvious reasons all those years , I eventually became a CAVS fan , the local team of Cleveland.Let me be honest , being a CAVS fan is not easy.They literally sucked real bad during those years 2000-2002.But things changed and Goddess Luck smiled on the "Mistake on the Lake" , by presenting LebronJames as our No.1 pick in the year's draft.LBJ as he is called changed Professional Basketball in Cleveland.A tremendously gifted player , James , ascended to the Rookie of the Year honors.His second year was even better , averaging , 27 pts 7 assists 7 rebounds , LBJ equalled a feat only 5 players have done earlier in the league.But there was a glaring omission.No Playoffs - both the years.As good as Lebron was , he needed help.Well he has help now , the CAVS under a new owner , Dan Gilbert went on a shopping spree during the offseason and landed Larry Hughes ,Damon Jones , Donyell Marshall and Alan Henderson.James has help now .No more excuses , CAVS would or rather should be in the Playoffs this season.

As a CAVS fan , thats what I hope for , that what I dream about every day , every night.

Friday, October 28, 2005

First Shot

Awrite..This is really weird.I have never..and I mean never written anything that I have not been forced to write ! Let me explain..Except for tests,exams in school and reports,documents at work , I have never written anything.Its not something that I am proud about , but I jus wanted to make it clear , that Im not going to be very good at this .

But ...Im taking up the challenge.

A lot of my good Friends write blogs and I have enjoyed their articles.Got me thinking , I always have something to say , Why don't I start writing it.Anyway , Well you might be wondering , what I might be writing about.Well , there are a lot of things , I am passionate about - Music , Movies , Media , Politics , Current Affairs and SPORTS.So its going to be a mixture of all of the above , But more importantly it's going to be fun.For me the writer and you the reader ,

So Fasten your Seat belts - Ooh Sorry , Im already being cliche'...Just chill ..Later, Ya'll