Friday, January 27, 2006

Yo Yuvan...You There ?

Tamil Film Music is undergoing a sea of change.It's at an all time high.The freshness , vibrancy and the pure pleasure of listening to something innovative in today's Film Music is a blessing.

This revolution , if i may , is lead by one - yeah - Yuvan Shankar Raja ! I had a golden opportunity to spend some time with him in his studio , when I was in India , a couple of weeks ago.

Yuvan is young , energetic and most importantly very creative.He is also blessed with a great team of young minds who strive to give nothing but the best.The team a.ka. Selvaraghavan(Kadhal Kondaen , 7G Rainbow Colony and now Pudhupettai),Vishnuvardhan(Kurumbu,Arindhum Ariyamamalum and now Pattial) and Simbu(Manmadhan and now Vallavan) are like the "Band of Brothers".They dont have the cliched Director - Music Director relationship.

His music is heavily influenced by his propensity to International Music.But then again , he would churn out a totally mind blowing Carnatic number , or mix Carnatic with western beats and give you Kanda Naal Mudhalaai (from Kanda Naal Mudhal)

The one thing you can bet on Yuvan is that he is going to try to give you something creative and soul stirring.He is a workaholic and Music is what he thinks , lives and breathes ! (Duh..That's a surprise)

Some of his recent best :

1.Oru Naalil - Pudhupettai

2.Merke Merke -Kanda Naal Mudhal

3.Panithuli - Kanda Naal Mudhal

4.Eno Kangal - Kalvanin Kadhali

5.Kadhal Enbadhu - Oru Kalooriyin Kadhai

6.Pul Pesum - Pudhupettai

Also , all you Yuvan fans , cross your fingers , Yuvan told me something very tempting just as I left his studio."Yuvan:Unplugged - Live in the USA" - - is in the works ., will keep you guys posted.

(PS , I should thank my good buddies Srinath and Simbu (also in pic) who took me along for their recording session of "Vallavan" - Watch out - Vallavan is going to rock)