Monday, February 20, 2006

What were you doing ..?

When you were 21 years Old ?

Hmm..I was in my second year of B.E at Crescent Engineering College...Trying to figure out how I can pass my Maths III exam..(Which I eventually figured out when I was like 23..C'mon people its not that easy or is it ?)

But..this post is not about me...Its about Lebron James...for those who don't know who he is ! I think its about time you get to know this 21 years old kid..errr...Man Child...(6 Ft 8 in 240 lbs )

Lebron was the highest vote getter (in the Eastern Conference) as a forward for the All Star game in Houston.It was a weekend of fun for all Pro-hoops lovers. I enjoyed it even more coz my beloved Cavalier brought home the All Start Game MVP trophy.

For all who think..Lebron's just a ESPN highlight reel...Take a look at his resume..So far..

Youngest Rookie Of the Year Winner,
Youngest to 1000 points,
Youngest to score 40 in a game,
Youngest to score 50 in a game,
Youngest to 2000 points ,
Youngest to triple double,
Youngest All-NBA Player,
Youngest to 3500 pts , 1000 Reb, 1000 Asst.,
Youngest to 5000,
Youngest All-Star MVP

Pretty Impressive huh..For a guy who could not legally drink a beer until about 2 months ago ?

History says...All great NBA players hit their PRIME when they are 26-28 years old...

Watch out..This is going to get real ugly !

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rang De Basanti - Masterstroke !

I normally don’t watch Hindi movies. Mostly because, I don’t understand the language as well as I think , I should to enjoy the movie. Secondly, I don’t identify/understand a lot of what Hindi films are trying to convey in their movie.Im not saying Tamil/English films do(the ones I watch all the time) , but Hindi films have always been alien to me.

The Hindi movies that I watch are either the ones that get critical acclaim from all quarters,like Sarafarosh, Lagaan,Satya,Rangeela,Black etc or the ones that are total masala but enjoyable movies like Hum,Taal,Trimurthy,Khalnayak etc.

After watching Rang De Basanti last night, I can easily say , that it cracked my personal list of TOP 5 movies of all time !!

The movie has a patriotic flavor to it. But the movie does not lecture you about patriotism. The movie has a great theme of friendship but it does not have dialogues of friends singing praises of each other (Except for one scene when Sukhi says he loves friends coz they saved his life. He was drunk though. So one can understand that..)

The movie has great comedy, but it's not slapstick or dialogue based humour(a.ka no Crazy Mohan humor)..But...its just really funny. I laughed for one scene so hard that that whole theatre looked at me like I was having a chemical imbalance (or It could also been that I was the only one who laughed for that scene -) When Aamir Khan , calls the kid working in the tea stall and asks him.."Hey Chotu...Bismal ne kya Kaha ..Maalum hai ? " and then practices his dialogue ! Classic!

All the actors fit their roles. no over-acting. Kudos to the casting director...Siddarth is the hero of the movie..and it was refreshing to see that (an TOP star like) Aamir could play second fiddle with great poise. The way the director juxtaposes the past with the present was very creative and crisp.Especially when Sonia says "Maar Dalo Ussse"..Brilliant !

The Music was very different and refreshing..ARR played well within his boundaries and has come up with apt tunes. I was very also impressed with his tremendous effort in the background score ! The editing was perfect...There was not one scene you felt that was too long or that was disconnected. The movie progresses like a gentle stream rather than a gushing waterfall (which is very popular now esp. in Tamil moves..Fast screenplay...Fast Cuts..Popularised by movies like Mudhalvan,Boys,Ghilli etc)

All in All..this movie has made me think...and that what I think movies should make viewers do..Jus reflect on it ! If you watch this movie. it will impact you !! Now whether you want to channel that impact to something positive in your life if up to you! Rang De Basanti is more than just a movie. Its got all the elements to make it a phenomenon!

Don't Miss it !