Monday, March 20, 2006

One more reason I Love SportsCenter

First off.. I am gloating over the CAVS victory over LA on sunday.

Whenever the CAVS win I like to watch ESPN for the next 24 hours , to relive the victory.

And yesterday ..when I was watching one such episode for the Empteeenth time..The sportscaster goes..

"Lakers in Cleveland..on Sunday..and that jus means one thing....Eric Snow vs Smush Parker....(chuckle) or the side show between Kobe and Lebron.."

Classic..! Love it !

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bush in India. Big Deal? You Betcha!

Like it or not, George W Bush is probably the most powerful person in the "free" world today.

Yes..He is not the brightest American President we have seen.
Yes..He is not quite the eloquent speaker like his predecessor.
Yes..He has made strange (and sometimes appalling) decisions.

BUT, Bush is visiting India today!

I’m not sure if it says a lot about a Republican President visiting India, but it surely says a lot about India and the strides we have made as a country.People in America, as most of you would know, stereotype people of different ethnic origin with the kind of work they do.

Like say, African Americans are tied to either being a famous/rich Ball player or a troublemaker. Mexicans are either human smugglers or janitors. Indians are either cab drivers or 7/11 clerks or Snake Charmers (believe it or not)..Well Not Anymore.

Americans thinks of Indians today as successful doctors, smart scientists, brilliant engineers and well...Customer Support Reps. with a bad/fake accent.

The strides India has made over the past 20 years , Since the economy was liberalized (courtesy Manmohan Singh & Co)has the world taking notice about India. In fact, India has the second-fastest-growing major economy in the world over the past 25 years and trails only the US and China when it comes to contribution to the Global GDP.

Leaving all the hatred/ill feelings (if any) against Bush or the USA , behind us, I think this is a moment for all of us to savor.

Yes. Bush is visiting India today and that makes me happy as an Indian !