Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Get a Real Job..for crying out loud !

The Indian/Tamil news outlets have been dominated over the past few weeks with the headlines Court cases/protests/Arrest warrants on the people from the Tamil Film Industry.

Kushboo -- the erstwhile demi-goddess has always been the the darling of the masses in Tamil Nadu.Not anymore! In an interview to a Leading National magazine, she made some remarks on pre-marital sex and how the 21st century Tamil woman has evolved.

The next day you see protests bursting out by pseudo-political outfits trying to gain publicity through this incident. These outfits claim that the actress has made derogatory remarks on Tamil women and women from our state never indulge in such "blasphemous" acts such as pre-marital sex.COMON NOW....grrrrrrrrrr...(Im controlling myself here)

Now even if that assumption is true , who cares what Kushboo says ???? Its her opinion and she made a point about it. Agree or Disagree...That’s all. I am tired of these "jobless" people making this a big issue and pursuing legal action against her. They have asked her to vacate Madras and go back to Mumbai.(where she is originally from)Not only does this make for BAD news...its takes cops to control these protests, takes away valuable court-time which could be spent on more pressing legal issues.

Suhasini, another actress, voiced her support to Kushboo and apologized on behalf of all the Tamils , for her recent travails. Guess what, now these "jobless" people are gunning for Suhasini's head. Their arguement.."Who is Suhasini to apologize for all the Tamils?”....Hmm interesting point, if that’s the case. Let me ask these protestors a question. Who are you to protest for Tamils on behalf of all the Tamils? I dont remember an election, where people voted these protestors to be the moral police of Tamil Nadu.

Comon now. we could go back and forth. I don’t believe employment is booming in India. Contrary to media reports. I think India has an ever increasing rate of unemployment. Because if it did not...These people would have real jobs!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Super Interludes

This past week , some tamil songs have been on my mind.I just was not able to get em out.I was singing on the train..singing at home while I cook...All the time practically !

I wanted to throw out a list of songs.This list of songs has some of the best interludes I have enjoyed.Awrite here we go..

1.Song: Anbal Unnai Velvom.. Film:Three Roses
KR , an underrated and unlucky composer.In this song , he proves his genius.Look out for the second interlude , when it starts with violins..turns into techno+violins..and ends with violins.
Jus brilliant !!

2.Song:Pani Vizhum Maalayil ..Film:Meera
Classic IR song.My fav. singer SPB just walks away with all the honors in this song..But when the second interlude begins..you realise who's the boss..IR the great !!

3.Song:Enakenna Erkanavae Pirandhaval Ivalo ...Film:Parthen Rasithen
Other than this song appears in a Prashanth film....Everything is brilliant in this song.Second interlude again !

ARR's brilliant composition alongwith Hariharan's golden voice are only "accessories" when you listen to the brilliant second Interlude..Mandolin..Beats..what not ??

5.Song:Kandukonden Kandukonden..Film:Kandukonden Kandukonden
Well ,,I struggle to put this song on this list for two reasons.One is ..well ..If i had to compile a list of top 5 songs I have ever listened to ..this song would be in the that list...It is such a brilliant song..just cannot get better..But anyway..the second interlude..
with a "Opera" feel is amazing.

6.Song:Ninnukori..Film:Agni Natchathiram
Read first 4 lines of explanantion for song 5...and..
Brilliant work with the guitar and flute !!

Thats my list for now..Listen to these songs..and tell me if you agree with me...Ill be back with more songs !


PS.CAVS at SPURS tonite..Im pumped BABY !!