Friday, July 07, 2006

Nee Rajni'ya ..Kamal'a ?

I am pretty confident that someone has either asked you this question or you have asked someone this question or heard someone talking about it !!

For everything in our lives , we choose sides...

1. Rajni Fan'aa....Kamal Fan'aa

2. Sachin'aa...Dravid'aa ?

3.Ilayaraja'vaa...illa AR.Rahman'vaa...

4.Kathirikka Kari pidikuma..illa urlaikazhangu kari pidikuma... ? get the point ?

Why cant we like both...? Does it make us any less fanatic than..a true..Unadulterated fan ? Moreover its really hard to dislike anyone. Is'nt "hate" a very strong word. Personally, I don't think I can hate any actor. From the little bit of exposure I have had in working in the Industry..and having a slight idea of how much effor these guys put in ? Its really difficult for me to dismiss someone as unfit..Even if they are sometimes. Like..I hate Prashanth..I have seen him in too many movies..but his skills are the same..(or gone down) from the time he acted in Vaigasi Porandhaachu !..I jus wish someone would pour boiling water on his feet..when the camera get him to emote !!!...His dialogue delivery has to be one of the worst in Tamil Cinema today.Atleast for his sake we need to revive silent movies !!

I digress...Anyway the point is....I feel all young actors today are very competent.They undergo intense training and try to prepare for the rigors of Tamil Cinema. It is not easy being an actor or for the matter ..a technician in the Tamil Film industry!!! Competition is cut throat...and only the best..(and the lucky ones,the rich ones..and the ones that come from famous parents) even get a chance to prove themselves.But after the initial chance to enter the industry..its very difficult to thrive in it.

Thats why..I think Rajni and Kamal are legends in their own ways.Yess..I am a hardcore Rajni Fan..Yess...I did fly to Chicago(from akron...when I was a poor graduate student) to watch the First show of BABA(Loved the movie BTW....okie i was kidding). Rajni's charisma and screen presence is unmatched...His people skills are possibly the best in the industry.On the other hand Kamal is a sheer genius ! Having had the oppurtunity to work in his unit for about 10 days...I have no other words to describe him ! He jus exudes knowledge ( Though sometimes people say that he is never tired of hearing himself)..and can talk to you pretty much about anything under the planet (provided he thinks your worthy enough for his time)

Among the present lot....I think everyone is good and has a strong point.

Vijay (dance/screen presence/comedy)...Surya/Vikram(always choose good subjects..offbeat movies..good acting skills)..Ajith(screen presence..decent skills)..Simbu(good cinema brain..talented dancer/actor)...Dhanush(tremendous actor..jus needs to do good roles) Each one of these guys have had ups and downs..but have survived them...will they last forever like Rajni and Kamal..only time can tell.

Seri....adhellaam udu...Nee rajni'ya...kamal'aa...?