Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Too many things on my head - Updated

Have you ever had that feeling that you want to blog your opinion about everything that made an impact on you over a few days...Well, I have had that feeling for a while now and this post is the result …So here we go….

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the tragic events that took place on 9/11/01. Time does fly real fast. I remember that day vividly. A regular morning at our house in Akron where I was convincing Asif (my roomie) that our TV should also be used to watch channels other than MTV & VH1. Turned on MSNBC, they were talking about the first plane crash into the WTC and as I was watching in amazement another plane hit the second tower. My heart stopped.

Recollected myself and proceeded to an Advanced Operating Systems class that morning which was suspended in about 20 minutes after it began. Our university was shutdown and everyone was asked to vacate the campus immediately. The university had received information that our Polymer Science Centre (one of the best in the world) could be a target.

We came back home and all of us watched the NEWS for the whole day. Someone suggested we could play cricket at Geethu’s (another akronite, roomie later) backyard later in the day since classes were cancelled. I opined that it might be kind of insensitive and plain stupid to do that considering the tragedy that took place. Most agreed, we moved on.

I hope things settle down in the world and look foreword to the day when we can all co-exist, get rid of HATE!

US Open
Roger Federer == Tennis God

When I watched Federer do his thing, it was like watching Michelangelo at work.

Pure art. This guy is a genius and I really don’t know what else to say about his game that others have not said.

Maria Sharapova == Hottest Champion

Err….Guy Moment...Sorry(but i have a valid reason..look at the first google result). But Maria is just not all beauty. She is a very talented pro who is still in her teens. The sky is the limit for her

NFL Kickoff
Coming from an NBA fan, I was truly impressed by the way the NFL carried out its opening weekend. The Manning duel was a classic and big brother prevailed.Athletes should really have something that we normal people don’t .Otherwise, how can you explain the fact they are trying to beat their sibling? I can’t do it. Hats off to the Mannings, Barber’s, Willam’s etc. Way to go , Professionalism !

College Football
Props to The Ohio State Buckeyes, for going to Austin and getting a huge win.But columbus could ahve done without this. Texas, IMO was overrated and it showed. Was it a revenge game? You betcha! Don’t let them tell you otherwise! Also, Kudos to The University of Akron Zips for beating NC State in a thrilling game last weekend. Akron is finally getting some face time on ESPN and I love it!

Making New Friends
As one gets older, it is difficult to make good friends. I am not going to blame it totally on ourselves or on the people we met. The readers of the blog will make that decision and to help all of you make that decision an excerpt from our conversation :

I am meeting a bunch on new desi folks at a local bar...

Me : Hey , How are you doing ? Im , Sayee , I just moved to the Baltimore Area !

(Thinking that such a statement would invoke a similar statement from the other guy)

Him : Oh Okie…Cool Maaaaaaan…

Me : (Confused..) OoooKie…and you are?

Him: Aaaah…Im just chilling Maaaaaaan ! (Obviously he has been in the bar for a while, I guess he was tipsy)

Me: (Still Confused) Ooooook….and you are.. ?

Him: Im *********** maaaaaaaan…From **

Me: (Finally relieved as he revelaed his name) Aaaah…Hi ********…Nice to meet you !

Him : That’s okie Maaaaaaan !!

Me: (Are you kidding meeeeeee ????)

(After about 10 mins , I stopped talking to everyone , as I was preoccupied with football on TV. So this guys walks to me and goes..)

Him : Maaaaaaaaaaaan….Do you like sports ?....Maaaaaaaaaaaaan ?

Me : Yeah I do..I like almost all the major American sports …especially the NBA !

Him : Maaaaaaaaaaaan…You are from Chennnnnaaai ? and You like basketball ???

Me: Why? What's wrong with that?

Him: Noooo…Maaaaaaaaaaaaan…People from Chennai…Maaaaaaaaaaan…You are the only guy who I know who watches baskeball ….Maaaaaaaaaaaan!

Me: (At this point, I am ready to physically assault him..But I didn’t....) Ooooh Okie…that’s interesting !

Him: Maaaaaaaaan...Iverson Maaaaaaaaaaaan….He rocks Maaaaaaaann….. None of my friends Maaaannnnnnn…I am only guy …who follows sports

Me: I guess you need more friends….( I left the bar praying I don’t meet people like this again)

Jyothika - Surya
My heartiest wishes to the newly married couple. Both these guys are very genuine and simple human beings . I have no doubt in my mind that their marriage would be very successful !
(I had to post this picture for 1 reasons ...first the obvious reason..the other one is SuperStar - Gotchya...He He)