Monday, December 04, 2006

Vidyasagar's GEMS

It’s been a while since I have posted on this blog.I have been busy with my sports blog. But a couple of good songs I heard prompted me to write this post.

I have always liked Vidyasagar, right from his "Nethaji" days. The man has a rare combination of music knowledge.I had a chance to meet him and spend some time in his recording studio once in Madras. He patiently listened to my moronic questions and answered it. When I challenged him that it was KJ Yesudoss that sang , "Poothirukkum Maname" in Puthaiyal , he humbly corrected my stupid proclamation and said it was Hariharan. I was like..."Err...Sorry "

He seems very knowledgeable and has definitely got "it". The knock on him early in his career was his lack of box-office success but all that has changed in the recent years(Read "Chandramukhi")

These are some of his songs I have really enjoyed.

1.Anbe Anbe - Uyirodu Uyiraaga

This song is just amazing. The singers Chitra & Hariharan are just perfect.

I have not always enjoyed the "extra" touches that Hari gives in his songs , but in this song they just seem to fit perfectly.Infact I liked all the songs in the film. Srinivas got a big break singing the "Poovukellam" in this film.

2.Orre Manam - Villain

Another lost classic. The film was a regular KS Ravikumar film, which did well. But this song did not get its due credit. Sadhana Sargam just rocks in this song.

3.Azhakooril Poothavlae - ThiruMalai

SPB is my favorite playback singer. So when he sings, which is not often these days, I listen to it pretty eagerly. Though this song has the usual Vidyasagar rhythm sequence (which he uses a lot) , SPB takes this song over the hump.

4.Kanden Kanden - Madurey

This was the song everyone thought, KJ Yesudoss sang. Surprise, Surprise!!

Madhu Balakrishnan did a kick ass job and this is a great number.

5.Kaalai Arumbi- Kana Kanden

Though, the first prize in this song goes to KV Anand for his stunning yet simple visuals , VS gets to share the prize with him. Simple but yet innovatively done.

6. Poo Vaasam - Anbe Sivam

This song is popular but I still had to put it on there. I would request all of you to enjoy this song with the visual brilliance of Kamal. You want to fall in love and do the things he does when you enjoy this song. (I wanted to badly..Too bad Kiran was taken...hehe)

This film also has "Mounamae" , by SPB & Chandrayee , another beautiful song. Overall a great album.

7.Athhi Atthi Kaai - Aathi

Another good song in an atrocious film. Soft number by thalaivar. Great rendition - What's new?

8.Chithirayil Enna Varum - Sivapathigaaram

This is a brand new film , Sivapathigaaram. Considering the reviews , its propably going to not run for more than a month. So chances are people are going to forget this song. But dont miss it.Karthik and Swarnalatha have done a really good job. Unlike ,DK , I dont want to dismiss Swarnalatha as a bad singer.She just needs to be chosen for the right song.

ALERT : Please listen to these songs in good audio system. Hearing it at a low volume on your laptop so that your cubicle neighbor does not hear is not doing justice to the music. Also a Good Mood helps!

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Definitely, Swarnalatha is a great singer. The emotions she brings to a song are so true. But she has a different voice(untypical, let's say) and needs to be chosen for the right songs.


Sayee said...

Thanks kajan for visiting.

The real need is for MD's not to get fixated with a specific group of singers. Variety is key.

dinesh said...

Definitely a new nunch of songs from vidysagar. Will listen to those when I get a chance. I love vidyasagar for his versatility. I've seen him do some rather average music too. But he can be really good when he wants to be. Definitely unsung IMO.
Some songs that I love from vidyasagar

1.Malare mounama from Karna
2 Raa raa from chandramukhi
3.Anandham anandham from murai maaman,
4. Un samayal arayil from dhill
5. Pudhu malar from poovellam un vaasam
6. Buck buck buck from paarthiban kanavu

dinesh said...

And I didn't say she was a bad singer. I do feel she's over rated though. I think there's a blatant absence of natural flow. Also, her breath is heard too much in a lot of songs for my comfort.

Sayee said...

Dinesh , your list is good.

But I was hoping to bring his gems in movies that sucked or songs that didnt get appreciated enough.

All singers are not the same and sometimes its hard to accept anything out of the norm. But in her case , I think she has a unique voice , that needs to used appropriately.

Supriya said...

Dont forget "Ding Dong koyil mani" song from the movie 'Ji'. Masterpiece by VS.

Abdul said...


If you really want to explore Vidyasagar listen to Malayalam songs. There are more than 25 movies and a couple of other albums released.

He has been a real success ever since he started his debut for an "onam festival song" and his first malayalam movie "azhakiya ravanan"

"aaro viral meetti " from the movie pranayavarnangal could be one of the best ever melodies in malayalam.

check these movies

millennium stars
Azhakiya ravanan
summer in bethlehem

meesha madhavan etc...

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